On Twitter, Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach has shared his thoughts about global taxi application Uber and the drivers.

Actor and comedian David Spade has mentioned Uber and said:

“Hey @Uber , not to sound mean but you should add an option when you order a car that says you want driver to talk or just want it quiet. Some people just want to chill. And some clients want to chat. But it should be a choice. I think ppl would like that”

Sebastian Bach retweeted and wrote:

“Oh my Lord In Heaven I thought I was the only one being tortured. Please can I ride in quiet without answering questions about what I’m doing where I’m from same old bullshit every time.”

Then, a Uber driver responded:

“I’m an Uber driver, Haha. I wonder if my riders feel the same bout my blabbermouth. Tonight I told 3 guys I was uberin, if you want to get there quick, I’m your man. They laughed their asses off and gave me a $5.00 tip — cause I’m a chick”

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