Sebastian Bach‘s recent music performances drew the attention of many fans and critics, and his capabilities as a vocalist are now compared to the much-criticized Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil‘s.

Vince Neil recently received a lot of criticism and hate because of his poor vocals during his performances. This backlash and judgmental comments even led him to disable the comments section on his Instagram account. Mötley Crüe’s frontman’s vocal abilities seem to have declined lately, and he also seems physically out of shape. Therefore, the singer posted a video on Instagram showing that he is trying to lose excess weight and that he will be back at full capacity.

Sebastian Bach recently revealed that he was asked to be Mötley Crüe’s frontman when Vince Neil wasn’t in the band. However, the band’s bassist Nikki Sixx denied this and stated that Bach was never considered for Mötley Crüe. Because of this disagreement between Bach and Mötley Crüe members, the fans are now comparing the singer to Vince Neil. Following Neil’s recent out-of-shape performances, Bach is receiving all the praise.

Bach is currently on a US tour, and fans posted some footage from his recent shows on YouTube. As it appears, his performance videos are receiving many likes and comments about how much the fans still enjoy listening to him. Although Bach is now 53 years old, the quality of his voice remains the same as when he was younger. Moreover, fans indicate that he is much better than Vince Neil, stating that it’s absurd even to compare them.

Here is what a fan commented on his ‘Can’t Stand The Heartache’ performance:

“I see he’s following the Vince Neil diet plan.

Another fan commented on his ‘Monkey Business’ performance stating:

“I came here from a story saying Vince Neil sounds better. Thankfully that’s not true.

And another fan added in disbelief:

“Whoever said Vince Neil sounds better?! They’re crazy!

You can listen to both vocalists’ recent performances below and compare them yourself.