The well-known Rock music veteran, former Skid Row frontman, and singer, Sebastian Bach had a recent Twitter conversation with famous TV/Radio personality and host, Eddie Trunk.

As you will see the conversation below, Eddie Trunk criticizes vinyl prices and hammered people who buy it.

Here is what Eddie Trunk wrote:

“Can’t stress enough I have no issue with people on the vinyl gig, but what about the fact that a CD costs around $10 while an LP of the same album is about $40?

So essentially you could match CD revenue selling 1/4 of the amount.”

Sebastian Bach responded:

“People want vintage vinyl because it is the first pressing of the music that the band actually made. Before its remixed remastered re fckd with ad infinitum.

What the band actually made was the record that’s why people collect records. I’m not into $40 reissues into originals. 📀”

You can see the tweets below.