The iconic rock music veteran and former Skid Row frontman, Sebastian Bach, posted a new tweet on his official Twitter account today and slammed United States President Donald Trump once again.

As you may check out the tweet of Sebastian below, he responded to one of the latest tweets of CNN, which has the latest statement of Donald Trump and reacted to his threat of closing Twitter as a whole.

Donald Trump wrote this first:

“…Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen!”

Here is the tweet of CNN:

“President Trump threatened to “regulate” or even “close” down social media platforms after Twitter added a fact-check label to some of his posts. But Trump’s options regarding these platforms are somewhat limited, legal experts say.”

Sebastian Bach took to his official Twitter account and responded:

“100,000 people dead but this is a priority? how great would it be to get a checkmark that this wasn’t true.”

You can check out the whole tweets below.