Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach showed his respect for the legendary musician Edgar Winter by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

While sharing a picture of themselves, Sebastian also said that Winter’s debut album ‘Entrance’ is the best vocal album ever made and mentioned that it has jaw-dropping vocals on it.

As you might already know, Entrance is the debut studio album by Edgar Winter that released in 1970. It has a total of twelve songs in it and his guitarist brother Johnny Winter features in the ‘Tobacco Road’ song.

Furthermore, Sebastian pointed out that especially the fans of Rob Halford and Ian Gillian are missing out if they didn’t listen to this album and suggested his followers to have it immediately.

Here is what Sebastian Bach said:

For all of you out there looking for the greatest vocal album of all time, may I suggest Edgar Winters debut record ‘Entrance’!

This album was given to me by none other than Carl Anderson from Jesus Christ Superstar and immediately became one of my all-time favorite records due to the jaw-dropping astonishing vocals.

Fans of Rob Halford and Ian Gillan are missing out if you do not know Edgar Winter Entrance! Some of the highest most powerful notes I have ever heard a human voice even approach. Pick it up for yourself you will thank me later!

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Bach – Instagram