Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach was involved an interesting conversation with a Donald Trump supporter on Twitter.

A Twitter user named “Reaper” tagged Sebastian Bach and wrote:

“When is your Visa up for your stay in the US. Asking for a friend”

Sebastian responded:

“Get the fuck out of my country 🖕”

Reaper said:

“I am not in Canada you jackass”

Sebastian replied:

“Get the fuck out of my country with your 25 followers 🖕

Didn’t know you were a Canadian, loser. Get the fuck out of Canada then 🖕”

Reaper wrote:

“What? How do you get I am In Canada, are you Drunk again?”

Sebastian responded:

“Fuck you wherever you are 🖕 I get it because you said it . Canadians are smarter than you are tho”

Reaper said:

“Oh yeah, and I guess you are there poster child for brilliance, LMAO”

Sebastian said:

“*their. At least I can spell, fuckhead”

Reaper wrote:

“Lol, that was fun… now you can calm down and put on a show

Lol, I must admit you did get me on the spelling though”

Sebastian wrote:

“Shut up.”

You can see the tweets below.