Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach has celebrated 57th birthday of Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose with very special words on Twitter.

As you know, Axl Rose joined AC/DC as lead singer after Brian Johnson forced to quit in 2016.

Bach wrote a special message on Twitter, and described Axl Rose as “lead singer of the two biggest bands in the world”. Here’s the message:

“Happy Birthday to the lead singer of the TWO biggest bands in the world Mr @axlrose !! Congratulations on the new line of Hoop Cheese #tbt 😀🧀⛔”

A fan named Fabiola said:

“What ? He isn’t in AC/DC , I read Bryan is back 🤔”

Sebastian responded:

“Well if you read it on the internet, it must be totally true then 😂”

Fabiola said:

“😲 you know something then 🤭😁”

Sebastian may have implicated something on the recent rumors that AC/DC working on a new album with Brian Johnson. All of that rumors/claims might be wrong. We’ll see what happens.