Former Skid Row star and the famous Rock music veteran, Sebastian Bach, has written a new tweet about Neil Peart, who passed away last days, via his verified and official Twitter account.

This week, the well-known Rush star, Neil Peart, has lost his battle with brain cancer, a lot of persons have written emotional posts about his death on their social media accounts.

Today, Sebastian Bach has shared a heart-breaking tweet about the death of Neil Peart on his Twitter account. He can’t still believe the death of Neil.

Here’s the tweet of Sebastian Bach:

“I cannot believe how sad I am still. I can’t believe #tears r still flowing days later.

Any @rushtheband fans still as seriously fucked up as I am? I mean I hardly even met the dude how could this be so heavy? It’s fucked up someone should do a study.”

A fan named Kevin M. commented:

“I don’t even want to leave the houseman, going to work tomorrow is unthinkable, can’t pull myself out of it, just want to drink whiskey, play guitar and listen to Rush!”

Sebastian Bach responded:

“I am with you 100 fucking percent man. I can’t even function I can’t get on with my life.

If you lived near me I would invite you over here and we would drink fucking wine and Crank Rush all day and guess what that’s what I’m doing anyway.”

Another fan named Savage wrote this:

“It’s because there are some people who we think will always be there. We don’t imagine them ever passing away or leaving.”

You can see the tweet of Sebastian Bach right below.