Famous rock music veteran and former Skid Row icon, Sebastian Bach has shared a new tweet about his wife and kids on his certified Twitter account.

A few days ago, The wildfire has started in Southern California.  Q104.3 Fm has posted a tweet about the safety of Sebastian Bach’s family due to Sebastian’s family were living in Southern California.

Here’s what wrote Q104.3 Fm:

“Hoping @sebastianbach‘s family is staying safe. Baz, who lost his NJ home in Hurricane Irene, says his wife and children have just been evacuated due to wildfires in Southern California.”

Today, Sebastian Bach has made an important statement about his family’s latest states via his twitter account.

Here’s his statement:

“Thank you. And I have a gig tonight. I will do my best Orlando. My wife and kids are looking for a hotel room while I get ready to go on stage.

I’ll do my best Orlando thank you, people, for your thoughts can’t believe this is happening. Again.”

A fan named Jamie Lee commented:

“Your true fans will understand. You’re a good guy Sebastian. We’re thinking of your family and you.”

Another fan named Melissa said that:

“I’m so sorry.. At least your family is safe.. Much love to everyone dealing with this out west .”

You can see the Tweet right below.