Photo Credit: NME - Magazine

Former Skid Row frontman and also famous social media activist, Sebastian Bach, has shared some new tweets on his official Twitter account and penned a criticizing question to the US government over not shutting the supermarkets properly.

After that tweet, a Twitter user asked if Bach is not eating at all. Bach posted yet another tweet and addressed Black Sabbath’s legendary star Ozzy Osbourne by making a funny ‘eating a bat’ joke.

Here is what Bach wrote first:

“Why does the United States have a military if we can’t even shut down a supermarket?”

A Twitter user named Someone asked:

“You don’t eat?”

Sebastian Bach answered mentioning Ozzy Osbourne:

“Not bats 😷”

You can see the whole conversation of Sebastian and the famous ‘eating a bat’ video of Ozzy Osbourne right below.