The well-known Rock music veteran and former Skid Row frontman, Sebastian Bach, has retweeted the video which was shared by CBC Archives via his verified and official Twitter account.

The video was about Rush drummer, Neil Peart, who passed away the cause of brain cancer and saddened all the rock/metal community. The video had taken forty-one years ago and Neil Peart was talking about the challenges he and his bandmates faced in getting their music on the radio in the band’s early days.

Sebastian Bach has written a meaningful message about Neil Peart with this video, you can see what he wrote right below.

Here’s the tweet of Sebastian Bach:

“Amazing footage do we get to see the rest of it?”

A user named Star Child added this comment:

“Quick question-R you familiar with Rush’s management in the 70s & would u know if any of them had roots in Hoboken NJ? In 1980, a guy who worked in a store called geismiers gave me a signed album he said his son was involved with.

It was signed perm waves album I still have today.”

Another user named Proper Jam wrote this:

“I picked up my 13-year-old boy from school today and a couple of minutes down the road he asks “Dad, can you play that 2112 thing again”

You can see the tweet of Sebastian Bach right below.