Sebastian Bach recently made an appearance on The Eddie Trunk Podcast for an interview. At some point during the conversation, he revealed the song he considers most challenging to sing.

The singer and songwriter became a prominent figure in the metal scene as the frontman of Skid Row between 1987 and 1996. Apart from his musical career in the band, he has also contributed to many artists’ projects and made several solo efforts.

Throughout his career with Skid Row, Bach significantly contributed to the band’s success. However, he was fired due to disagreements over the band’s musical efforts and the conflicts between him and Rachel Bolan. However, he still talks fondly about the band and the great songs they created together.

During his conversation on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Sebastian Bach shared the most challenging Skid Row song to sing. He said he had the most difficulty singing the ending of ‘Quicksand Jesus’ from the band’s second studio album ‘Slave To The Grind.’ The musician admitted that he pushed his voice and vocal capabilities to the max while performing it, which is tough.

Answering which one of Skid Row’s songs is the most challenging one for him, Sebastian Bach said:

“I will tell you honestly that the ending of ‘Quicksand Jesus.’

Sebastian Bach then continued:

“That is me pushing my voice, my melodies, my licks, and everything. That’s pushing it to the max. It’s really hard to do.

You can listen to Skid Row’s ‘Quicksand Jesus’ below.