In a recent question and answer session on Twitter, Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach responded to a bizarre question by a fan on his verified Twitter page.

A Twitter fan named @dolcesa_ said that she really trusts Bach’s music taste and asked him to recommend a good album.

She wrote this:

“Can you recommend me a good album? I wanna listen to something different and I trust your music taste 100% I know that this is a strange request lol”

Sebastian Bach answered by naming the album ‘Angel Down’ which was his debut studio album. The album was released on 20 November 2007.

“Angel Down”

A Twitter user named @Ceeky commented on his tweet and said this:

“Love that album even better with Axl on 3 songs. Both amazing singers and your voices blend so well. Axl & Bazz”

Another fan named @Briandrex wrote this:

“We need this on vinyl. Please tell me you will reissue this on vinyl and master it for vinyl. It would be epic!”

Check out the tweet below.