Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach revealed the three Queen songs he likes the most in his recent tweet.

Queen significantly impacted the rock music scene, especially after their second album entitled ‘Queen II,’ charted in the UK in 1974. The album combines a heavy rock sound with art rock and progressive rock elements, and it is often described as arguably the heaviest album of the band.

This record marked the end of the first phase of the band’s career, which was leaning toward metal sounds. Following this era, Queen continued experimenting with different sounds in every album but remained successful with notable releases like ‘A Night At The Opera.’ Their songs also contributed to their legacy, such as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ which became successful upon release and immediately became a rock classic among fans.

Countless musicians still talk about Queen’s success in the music industry with the many songs and albums they created. In his past tweets, Dee Snider mentioned that he is a ‘Day 1 Queen fan’ and indicated that his favorite album was ‘Queen II,’ which makes sense considering the record’s heavy sound.

Sebastian Bach named his three favorite songs from Queen in his recent tweets by responding to Dee Snider. When Dee Snider shared in his recent post that he likes all songs from ‘Queen II,’ Sebastian Bach counted his favorite ones as ‘Fight from the Inside,’ ‘Get Down Make Love,’ and ‘Dragon Attack.’

In his tweet, Bach said:

“‘Fight from the Inside,’ ‘Get Down Make Love,’ ‘Dragon Attack.'”

You can see the tweet and listen to ‘Queen II’ below.