On Instagram, the iconic frontman of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach, posted the photo of KISS’ official Twitter account that celebrated his daughter Tiana’s birthday and explained how honored he was.

Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach had three children from his marriage with Maria Aquinar. They have two sons, Paris and London, and a 13-year-old daughter Tiana.

Recently, Sebastian Bach shared a video of his daughter on Twitter taken at the backstage of a KISS concert where Tiana had to chance of meeting Gene Simmons. Sebastian celebrated the 13th birthday of his lovely daughter with an unforgettable memory they had last year.

The official Twitter account of KISS replied to the video Bach shared and wrote a note to celebrate their little fan’s birthday:

Happy birthday, Tiana!

On Instagram, Sebastian Bach posted the photo of KISS’ tweet and appreciated the gesture of the rock legends with a long statement. On the caption of his post, Bach stated how happy he and his daughter were to be mentioned by a legendary band. He also declared if he had to choose the last concert he could ever be, he would definitely choose KISS.

Here’s what Sebastian Bach wrote on the caption of his Instagram post:

I can never thank the Hottest Band in the Land enough for wishing my daughter a Happy 13th Birthday 🎂 and for giving us total and complete Joy in a year filled with anything but. Thank you for giving my family an incredible memory today just like you’ve been doing our whole lives now. Means more than you could ever know.

If that’s the last concert I ever go to, I’m glad I picked the best one that there ever was and ever will be. ✌️

You can see the photo Sebastian Bach posted on Instagram below.