Skid Row’s former lead vocalist, Sebastian Bach, recently posted a series of tweets on his Twitter account and roasted some famous rock musicians, including former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley, and asked how they feel about Donald Trump after the latest event.

As you probably know, Sebastian Bach often uses his social media accounts, such as his Twitter account, to announce his latest projects, share his views on social and political matters, interact with his fans and followers, and talk about Skid Row. However, his recent tweets were definitely not that positive.

The recent attack of the Trump supporters to the United States Capitol in an attempt to prevent Congress from accepting the elected president Joe Biden’s win in the Electoral College made it to the headlines of worldwide news. This event, the police’s stance, and Trump’s support of this action all became matters of discussion.

Thus, it should not be surprising that Sebastian Bach chimed in and asked famous Trump supporters whether they are still proud of their decision. As you may recall, famous rock figures such as Ace Frehley, the original lead guitarist and co-founding member of KISS, and the influential rockstar Kid Rock, has openly stated that they support former president Donald Trump.

After the latest events, Sebastian Bach tagged both of these artists in two tweets and expressed his appreciation of their work in the rock scene. However, he also asked them whether they are comfortable with what happened and whether they still support Donald Trump and the violent actions of his supporters. His tweets were commented on by hundreds of users and many are curious to see what Kid Rock and Ace Frehley will say.

Here’s what Sebastian Bach said in his recent tweet:

“Hey, Kid Rock we hung out a couple of times had some great times with Axl, etc., hope your day is going well man! We all just got to know as fans and friends are you cool with what happened today in the United States of America? Do you still support Donald Trump after today? Thanks”

This is what he said in his next tweet:

“Yo, Ace Frehley, youve been my hero my whole life & have been blowing my phone up telling me how much you love Donald Trump and hate Joe Biden. Just want to know as a lifelong fan do you support what happened today in the USA? Sure am glad there were no cell phones in the 70s.”

You can check out Sebastian Bach’s tweets below.