Former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach has replied to a lesbian fan’s tweet on his official Twitter account and reacted to her thoughts about Sebastian’s appearance.

The conversation started with the tweet of the famous prank phone caller, Captain Janks, in which he was praising the hairstyle of talented musician and actor, Harry Styles.

Afterward, a fan named Amy Haines joined the conversation and shared a retro photo of Sebastian Bach. Amy stated that Sebastian is the most gorgeous men she has ever seen even though she is a lesbian.

Later on, Sebastian replied to her tweet and showed how it feels like to be found handsome by a lesbian. Afterward, he questioned this compliment by Amy and asked himself if he looks like a girl or not.

Here is what Captain Janks wrote:

“Harry Styles is the best looking human being I have ever seen.”

Sebastian Bach replied:

“You never saw a Hanoi Rocks video then.”

Famous television personality Josie Stevens said:

“Respectfully disagree. Harry is way cuter than MM, but IDK if either of them is the best looking human (or man) I’ve ever seen. I’m gonna have to say the best-looking human is probably a woman.”

Sebastian Bach shared his picture:

“Harry who?”

A fan named Amy Haines replied:

Nope, I present a much more attractive example. I am a lesbian, and Sebastian Bach is still the most gorgeous man to have ever lived.”

Sebastian Bach replied:

“If a lesbian thinks a guy looks good does that mean the guy looks like a girl? Hmm 🤔”

You can read the tweets below.