Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach recently posted a tweet in which he responded to Joe Rogan‘s controversial thoughts on the subject of race.

Not long ago, Neil Young sent an ultimatum to Spotify to remove his music works from the platform unless they stop airing Joe Rogan’s podcast. This was because Rogan has been spreading dangerous false information about the coronavirus disease as well as vaccinations.

Following Neil Young’s decision, many musicians followed his example or showed him their support. Among others, Sebastian Bach also supported the CSNY icon in some of his tweets, saying that Young tries to keep his fans alive and Rogan is just a ‘complete jackass.’

In a newly-surfaced video posted by a Twitter account named PatriotTakes, Joe Rogan is seen revealing his thoughts on Asians. According to his ‘racist theory of the world,’ Asians are more like aliens while hairier people are less evolved and more like chimpanzees. Upon seeing this, Bach yet again slammed Rogan.

In his tweet, Bach described Rogan as a ‘racist pig,’ and he said it’s bizarre having the capability of rational thought and yet still defending Rogan. He then added that he would love to hear Rogan’s theories about the MeToo movement as he could use a laugh.

A Twitter account then brought up a picture of Bach’s controversial ‘AIDS Kills Fags Dead’ T-shirt and questioned his excuse as Rogan is a comedian while Bach is a musician. As a response, Bach said it’s a nice try but the year is not 1989 anymore, and bringing this up in 2022 is stupid.

In the video, Joe Rogan said the following:

“My racist theory of the world is that Asians are more alien. People who are hairier are less evolved, more chimpanzees. That’s me, it’s like that’s a negative remark against me. I’m less evolved.

It’s for sure that I got a little bit more chimpanzee in me than an average Chinese dude. I think I go on record as saying that, and I don’t even feel bad.

Upon watching it, Sebastian Bach posted a tweet, saying:

“Imagine having the capability of rational thought and yet somehow defending this racist pig. Would love to hear his theory on the #MeToo movement. I could use a laugh.”

A Twitter user then posted a picture of Bach’s controversial t-shirt and responded:

“He is a comedian. What’s your excuse?”

Bach said:

“Nice try. It’s not 1989 anymore, stupid.

You can check out the tweets below.