According to recent report of Blabbermouth, Skid Row guitarist Dave Sabo talked about the possible reunion with Sebastian Bach in a recent interview with Trunk Nation.

Sabo said:

“A reunion [with Sebastian] would have been great for a lot of other people who have wanted to see that happen. But for us, it would not have been pleasurable, to be quite honest.”

On Twitter, Sebastian Bach has reacted to Sabo over the Blabbermouth’s post as follows:

“ Makes Rock n’ Roll Not a ‘Pleasurable’ Experience .

Nice try on the character assassination guys. Keep dreaming of 26 years ago”

A fan named Roberto Astudillo said:

“Wow this is a Kardashian move. So unmetal.”

Bach responded:

“Wow holy slow news day. I am actually accusing Blabbermouth of this shit daily. I have not been in a room with Skid Row since 1996.

There is no possible way any one of the members of Skid row could know what any ‘experience’ with me is like 23 years after being in a room with me.”

See the tweets below.