Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach posted a tweet in response to a hater who criticized him for wearing a highly controversial outfit.

At one of Skid Row’s shows in 1991, Bach put on a T-shirt reading ‘AIDS Kills Fags Dead.’  It was reportedly given to him by a fan, as he was seen wearing it a couple of years before. After it created controversy, Bach eventually expressed his regret and claimed he didn’t read the slogan when he wore it.

Recently, during a heated debate between the lawyer Ari Cohn and Sebastian Bach, Cohn tweeted a photo of Bach wearing the controversial T-shirt to tease him. As a response, Bach said it happened back in 1989, and it’s meaningless to bring this up again. Following that, the musician posted a tweet about the issue.

In the tweet, Bach stated that he wore the ‘very sh*tty’ T-Shirt back in 1989, and he apologized for it 33 years ago. The musician then added that it’s not about what happened in 1989 anymore. Upon seeing this, one of his fans said the cancel culture of today’s world is to blame.

As a response, Sebastian Bach mentioned Eminem and said this doesn’t work for him, referring to Generation Z’s ‘cancel Eminem’ campaign, which targeted Eminem for being homophobic, misogynistic, and violent, but the rapper’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nominations which aren’t affected by that.

In the tweet, Ari Cohn said the following:

“Why won’t you address this photo, by the way?”

Sebastian Bach responded:

“I addressed it back in 1989. Sorry but it’s not about 1989 anymore. Nice try though. Why don’t we post a picture of you in 1989 what were you doing then?”

Bach then posted a tweet that read:

“Hey everybody, back in 1989 I wore a very shitty T-shirt. I apologized for it 33 years ago, and you can read it millions of times over and over if you would like. Nice try, but it’s not about what happened in 1989 anymore.”

One of the fans replied:

“Yet sadly, it seems to be for so many others in our new cancel culture!”

Bach then said:

“Not for Eminem though, crazy how that works.”

You can check out the tweets below.