Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach took his official Twitter account to respond to the comments which criticized him for defending Neil Young and blasting the musicians who support Joe Rogan.

As you know, Neil Young’s decision to remove his works from Spotify led to larger questions about the streaming platform as they have supported Joe Rogan despite his controversial content. Young had criticized the popular podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines.

Later on, Spotify had to choose between Neil Young and the podcast, which led them to remove Young’s music instead of Rogan’s podcast. Many artists, including Sebastian Bach, supported Young’s firm stand on this issue. Bach criticized Joe Rogan for ignoring the other people except himself and favored Neil Young as he thinks that vaccines should concern everyone.

Later on, Disturbed’s David Draiman also stepped into the ongoing discussion and defended Spotify for promoting free speech. Draiman said that it is not about what Joe Rogan reflects in his podcast. For him, Rogan still has the right to say whatever he wants to say. Upon seeing his tweet, Sebastian Bach, who is a Neil Young supporter, responded to Draiman by saying that he will continue listening to Neil Young and for him, the rockers should be on Young’s side.

However, Sebastian Bach has faced a severe backlash on Twitter after his statements, and he has responded to them one by one. For instance, a user despised his music and said he looks like a ‘blonde Axel Rose.’ Bach made fun of the user for misspelling Axl Rose’s name and implied that he doesn’t care about the user’s thoughts. Another user said that many people are listening to Joe Rogan while no one listens to Neil Young. Bach replied by saying that he enjoys listening to Neil Young, and the user is also free to enjoy listening to Rogan’s podcast.

Here is Sebastian Bach’s response to David Draiman’s tweet:

“Imagine calling yourself a rocker yet siding with some dude who has a podcast over Neil Young. You can stick to listening to your podcast, and I will stick to listening to Neil Young.”

A user’s comment to Bach:

“Are you or were you ever relevant? My dad listened to Neil Young. Always thought it was awful. What shitty band were you a part of? You look like a blonde Axel Rose, I guess.”

Here’s how Bach replied:

“Well, obviously, the answer would have to be yes, being that you can’t help yourself from tweeting me at this very moment. If you think Neil Young is awful, I take it as a compliment that you can’t spell the word Axl.”

Another user said:

“No one listens to Neil Young while Rogan has 11 million subscribers, and the amount of people listening to his podcast on a monthly basis is a number your dumb brain can’t comprehend. And who is this joker?”

Bach’s response:

“No one listens to Neil Young, meaning that you don’t listen to Neil Young. The rest of us listen to Neil Young, enjoy your internet enjoy your podcast.”

Another one of Bach’s replies:

“Musicians aren’t telling their fans to not take vaccines or to do their own research. Or at least some musicians aren’t.”

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