Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach spoke in an interview with Alan Hunter, and revealed the special advice he got from Jon Bon Jovi.

Here’s the statement:

“People like to talk about the image of the ’80s, but you had to have your own style; you couldn’t just be like everybody else.

When I joined the band Skid Row [in 1987], [Jon] Bon Jovi took us under his wing, and he’s, like, ‘Sebastian, sometimes you sing like Vince Neil. Sometimes you sing like [Ronnie James] Dio. Sometimes you sing like [Rob] Halford. You have to find your own sound right now.’

And when somebody says that to you, it’s, like, ‘Oh my Lord.’ But that’s the way it was then.

Like, Bon Jovi didn’t sound like Sebastian, didn’t sound like Tom Keifer. Bret Michaels… we all had our own identifiable sound. Every guitar player did, every drummer – everybody had their own personality, and I think that really is something different from now.”

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