The well-known Rock music veteran and former Skid Row frontman, Sebastian Bach, has shared a really hot photo of his lovely wife, Suzanne Le Bach via his official and verified Twitter account.

Sebastian Bach has shared this photo due to a special reason. Today is the birthday of his wife, and he penned down a sincere birthday message for her to celebrate Suzanne’s 50th birthday.

In the photo which shared by Sebastian Bach, Susanne is looking very hot and attractive with her bra and garter.

Here’s the birthday message:

“Happy Birthday to my love @Suzanne_Le I am looking forward to the rest of my life enjoying the view.

I love you ok meet me upstairs.”

A user named Bob commented:

“I wouldn’t mind being married to someone half my age…until I can’t keep up anymore….lol.”

Another user named Sickman said:

“Looks like it’s “your” Birthday Baz!! Lol!! Happy Birthday, Suzanne! Looking forward to hanging with you crazy kids when you make it back to Orlando!

Happy New Year as well!!”

You can see the tweet right below.