Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach has shared his thoughts on a really bizarre tweet he got from some of his followers on his verified Twitter page, and his reaction was hilarious.

On Twitter, the heavy metal artist Devin Townsend recently told a bizarre method of pooping while traveling by the tour bus.

He wrote this message:

“You can’t shit in a tour bus toilet. No solids. If it’s an emergency, you need to do it in a garbage bag and then throw it away outside. This situation is known as ‘hot bagging’ and is among the least glamorous aspects of touring.”

When Sebastian Bach saw the bizarre tweet of Devin Townsend, he reacted to this weird method by saying:

“No shit.”

A Twitter user named ManyifnotMost commented and wrote this:

“Interesting. The United States government put a man on the moon in 1969 and here we are just a few weeks shy of 2020 and we still can’t shit on a bus.”

Another fan named tuswecawin said this:

“Wow, rockstars just became that much more… normal? Rofl”

Check out the tweet below.