Hair metal icon Sebastian Bach talked in a new interview with WHDA Morning Jolt  and explained his thoughts on deaths of rockstars; He said that he would never kill himself.

Here’s the statement:

“Not to get too heavy here, but when I see these guys commit suicide. I think that maybe – I don’t wanna say something wrong – but I think that they have an idea of what rock stardom is, and then it’s not what they expected.

My thing is I never expected this. I never expected to be a big rock star or have a career that’s 35, 40 years going.

I never expected it, so anything good that happens to me, I’m, like, this is like a bonus, this is, like, killer. I’m very appreciative that I get the chance to do this.

I would never kill myself because I’m too much of a fan of rock. [Laughs] I really love it – I really, really love the music. And if I got in a car wreck or something – knock on wood – and I wasn’t able to perform, I would be like a total rock nerd, collecting my records and doing that kind of thing, ’cause that’s who I am.

If you hung out with me, you’d know that I’m really a fan of music who got to make it big somehow.

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