Former Skid Row frontman and one of the most talkative musicians on Twitter, Sebastian Bach, had a couple of conversations on social media and exposed the details of why he was attacked on social media.

After having an argument over if is there anyone in the world who really calls themselves a fan of hair metal, a Twitter user named Jamie chimed in the tweet and approved the question of Bach.

Later on, Bach has posted yet another sarcastic tweet and turned the sparse tweet to a dialog. Sebastian Bach admitted that if he would call himself a ‘fan of 80s hair metal, he would ask for some privacy for not being called a poser.

Here is what Bach wrote first:

“If I called myself a ‘fan of 80s hair metal’ I would want my privacy too. It’s like saying ‘I’m a complete poser and I know nothing about music’😷”

A Twitter user named Michele responded:

“I have been attacked on twitter for liking hair metal.”

Sebastian Bach responded back:

I have been attacked on Twitter for being labeled hair metal.”

You can check out the whole conversation right below.