Former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach realized that he’s been singing a Skid Row track wrong for thirty years during a conversation with his fans on his official Twitter account.

As you probably know, Sebastian Bach joined Skid Row in 1987 after their lead vocalist Matt Fallon left the band. The band released three records, ‘Skid Row,’ ‘Slave to the Grind,’ and ‘Subhuman Race,’ which brought them great fame and success during the Bach era.

‘Slave to the Grind’ was released on June 11, 1991, and its tracks ‘Monkey Business,’ ‘Slave to the Grind,’ and ‘Wasted Time’ became very popular. Therefore, Bach wanted to answer one of his followers’ questions concerning his show by using ‘Monkey Business’ lyrics and said, ‘The freaks come out at night.’

However, a fan noticed the difference by saying that the correct version must be ‘nine’ instead of ‘night.’ He was probably right because the song’s lyrics have been written as ‘The freaks come out at nine’ in various sources. Upon realizing his mistake, Sebastian Bachadmitted that he has been singing the song wrong for thirty years.

A fan’s question read:

“Any idea what set times are? Hopefully, I can make the show tomorrow night.”

Bach responded:

The freaks come out at night & it’s 20 to 10.”

Another fan added:

“Huh. I always thought it was ‘nine’ instead of ‘night.’ Both cool, but thanks, man!”

Bach replied:

“You might be right. I might have been singing the wrong words for 30 years now.”

You can check out the tweets and song below.

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