Irish Skid Row singer Brush Shiels recently made a video message for Sebastian Bach and praised him. Bach’s excitement over the fact that he knew his favorite Thin Lizzy song was apparent in his tweets, and he shared it with his fans.

The original Skid Row was formed in Ireland in the late 1960s and featured the members of Thin Lizzy as well. Phil Lynott made his professional appearance in Skid Row before forming Thin Lizzy and gaining fame with his band. His life was such an inspiration that it was depicted in the film ‘Songs for While I’m Away’ as a working-class child becoming a big rockstar in Ireland.

Bach apparently was in awe of the movie and the band Thin Lizzy, and he recently received a message from the original Skid Row member Brush Shiels. In the video, the singer mentioned the song ‘Do What You Want To,’ which was also Bach’s favorite song. He continued to praise Bach and said that he is in the top 10 rock musicians in the world.

Brush flattered Bach so much that he shared it with his fans and was astonished at the fact that he mentioned his favorite Thin Lizzy song without even meeting him. It seems like both musicians share a unique connection or bond, which made their fans excited for a union or a collaboration.

Here are the tweets Bach posted to reveal the message to his fans:

“For once, I’m at a loss for words although, I will say this is one incredible use of the internet mind-blowing actually! Cannot believe the movie ‘Songs For When I’m Away’ and I look forward to meeting Mr. Brush Shiels, ‘Do What You Want To’ even mentions my favorite Thin Lizzy song in this video.

Wonder, did Brush Shiels mean to say the exact title of my favorite ever Thin Lizzy song in this video? ‘Do Anything You Want To?’ Word for word? Or did that just happen by chance in a 1-minute video? This is a sign from Phil-O. Also, 1968 is the year I was born.

This has always been my favorite Thin Lizzy for decades Mr. Brush Shiels says these exact words to me in a video when we have never even met. By chance? Somehow I don’t think so.”

Brush also stated that if Bach wanted to contact him, he should phone him because he doesn’t have a mobile phone or a computer and hasn’t adapted to the technological age and is still living in 1968, which turns out to be the year Bach was born. However, he still managed to contact Bach and express his feelings towards him.

You can see the tweets below.