Ex-Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach responded to a fan who asked him about a Skid Row reunion by sharing a tweet, saying he should have asked the band’s other members.

Sebastian Bach joined Skid Row after the band’s lead singer Matt Fallon decided to leave in 1987. Jon Bon Jovi’s parents discovered Bach while he was singing at rock photographer Mark Weiss’s wedding, so they decided to recommend him to Skid Row guitarist Dave Sabo, Jovi’s close friend.

After a very successful audition, Bach became the band’s frontman in the same year and the voice behind Skid Row’s iconic records until his departure in 1996. There were many rumors about the main reason behind Bach being fired from the band, and one of them was his personal problems with Rachel Bolan.

According to the others, Bach couldn’t stay in the band after they didn’t agree to perform the opening act for KISS. Then, Skid Row was reformed in 1999 when they hired Johnny Solinger as their new frontman while Bach continued his musical career with different bands and as a solo musician.

The longtime Skid Row fans have been waiting for many years to hear any news about the band’s reunion with their most known frontman, but there haven’t been any announcements about it. Even though Bach has reflected his willingness during his conversations with fans, saying ‘Why not?’ in one of them, the frontman emphasized that it’s up to the other members’ decision after a fan asked them to reunite.

Here’s what a fan wrote:

“Call the guys and ‘get back’ the band. Life is short. Screw it, and just do it.”

Bach replied:

“You are talking to the wrong guy.”

You can have a look at the tweets below.