Skid Row’s former lead vocalist, Sebastian Bach, has shared a new video on his official Instagram and Twitter accounts simultaneously to announce that he was vaccinated with his lovely wife Suzanne Le Bach this week.

Bach shared the details of how he was vaccinated this week and thanked many people like his wife, his long-time buddy Mark McGrath and CVS Pharmacy, and the United States President Joe Biden for being way more than good on his word and exceeding vaccination goals by more than double.

After sharing the video on his verified account, over 40K followers of Bach have pushed the like button to show their support for former Skid Row frontman including late Pantera legend Dimebag Darrell’s widow Rita Haney. She also commented under the post by saying she’s glad to see him on the day he was vaccinated.

Here is what Bach wrote in the caption:

“Got the shot 💉! Ready to Rock!!!

Cannot begin to explain how exciting it is to say that both myself and my lovely wife Suzanne are both fully vaccinated and ready to kick your ass in 2021! How long have we been waiting to announce this news! We have been fully vaxxed for a couple of weeks now just in time for the most amazing birthday party at the legendary Rainbow Bar And Grill which I can’t even explain. 🤯

It was like being in a dream seeing my friends that I had not seen in well over a year all at once! I just kept saying over and over in my brain “Oh my God there’s you” “Oh my God it’s you you’re real.” That’s what it felt like being in a dream or seeing ghosts come to life! I am completely overwhelmed with birthday wishes thanks to every single one of you for making me feel special after such a horrible year.✌️”

He continued:

“Things are looking up now I’m happy to say! everybody go get your shot so we can rock I can smell it in the air.👃 This thing they call rock and roll it smells great.🙏

Thank you very much to the great people at CVS Pharmacy thank you to Steve Perry and my buddy Mark McGrath for serenading me on this important day! More than anything thank you so much to our incredible President Joe Biden for being way more than good on his word 🇺🇸 and exceeding vaccination goals by more than double.👊 That’s how we get our country back! Thanks for making us feel safe again. 🤞 Fingers crossed for the return of rock and roll!!!”

And here is what Rita Haney wrote:

“So glad I got to see you on your day.❣️ Big luv my friend.❣️”

You can check out the video right below.