Skid Row’s former lead vocalist, Sebastian Bach recently posted a tweet on Twitter with which he responded to a follower’s question considering Led Zeppelin and made a controversial claim saying Robert Plant‘s career as a solo artist can compete with Led Zeppelin’s success.

As you probably know, Skid Row was formed by guitarist Dave Sabo, bassist Rachel Bolan and vocalist Matt Fallon in 1986. Sebastian bach was invited to join the band in 1987 in order to replace Matt Fallon. However, Sebastian Bach left in 1996 and he has been working on his solo career ever since.

Sebastian Bach has a long and successful musical career which often makes him the target of questions considering legendary bands such as Led Zeppelin. Recently, a follower asked Bach which is his favorite song by Led Zeppelin.

Bach didn’t mention one but rather four songs and one album; ‘In the Light,’ ‘All of My Love,’ ‘Carouselambra’ which he misspelled, ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and all of Zepellin III. He went on to say that that he loves Robert Plant’s solo career and stated that it equals to Led Zeppelin.

Even though Robert Plant’s solo career has been successful, the fact that Bach said that it is as good as Led Zeppelin definitely raised some questions. However, most of his followers agreed with his list and said that there is no ‘one song’ that can be mentioned when Led Zeppelin is the case.

Here’s the question a follower asked Bach:

“If you have to choose which one is your favorite song by Led Zeppelin?”

Here’s what Sebastian Bach responded:

“‘In the Light,’ the song remains the same, all of led Zeppelin III, ‘All of My Love,’ ‘Carollabusa’ [‘Carouselambra’] or whatever that is, ‘Whole Lotta Love’ almost doesn’t count because I’ve heard it so many times but of course it’s deadly and sexy and the best of the best. I dig Robert Plant Solo = Led Zeppelin.”

You can check out Bach’s tweet below: