Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach and his wife, Beauty Pageant titleholder Suzanne, shared their post-Valentine’s Day messages with each other on Instagram and said that the only reason they missed the most romantic day of the year was because they forget everything when they’re with each other.

As you probably know, the cute couple has got engaged in 2014 after just two months of dating and got married eight months later in 2015. The couple has been leading a ‘happily ever after‘ life ever since and it seems like their love for each other is so strong that they still forget what day it is when they’re together.

On Valentine’s Day, hundreds of rockstars shared messages of love and appreciated their partners, but that was not the case for neither Sebastian nor Suzanne. This led fans to worry about the relationship between the two, but Sebastian and Suzanne cleared the air with their recent posts.

In his Valentine’s day post, Sebastian said that the only reason why he forgot is that he doesn’t know what day it is but went on to celebrate the Valentine’s Day of the love of his life. Suzanne also said something similar in her post and stated that ‘time stands still and nothing else matters, but me and you.’

Here’s what Sebastian Bach said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life Suzanne Le Bach. Yes, I know it’s the day after Valentine’s Day but I don’t know what day it is. I love you honey even though being locked together in a house for a year now has been certainly interesting! Fingers crossed we will be able to go out together again instead of bouncing off these walls 😵 At least we can go take a drive with the kids let’s go do that now. I love you honey nuts. Photo by Karen French Photography.

Here’s what Suzanne Le Bach said in the caption of her Instagram post:

“LOVE. Happy Day After Valentine’s Day! I forget what day it is when I’m with you! Time stands still and nothing else matters, but me and you. SB 💘 SB”

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