Former Skid Row frontman and one of the most hard-core Donald Trump protesters of the music industry, Sebastian Bach, took to his official Twitter account today and responded Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider’s tweet about the current politic status of the United States.

Everything started with the response to some of his fans named Michael’s tweet that claims Dee will not follow any side of the political spectrum blindfolded. Dee responded, thanked, and supported him with his own style.

After that tweet, Back chimed in and claimed that every single person who votes for Trump is a moron with all due his respect, and his words went viral in a really short time.

Here is what Dee wrote to the fan:

THANK YOU! Only morons follow a single party blindly. I’ve looked many politicians on both sides dead in the eye… They are not in politics for the greater good.

They are there for their own good.

Bach responded to the tweet and wrote this:

“I love you more than I can put into words. But only a moron would vote for Donald Trump this November. For real man, this is for our kids.”

You can check out the whole conversation below.