The iconic former frontman of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach, posted a recent photo on his verified Instagram page and revealed how muscled his body is despite being at the age of 51.

As he shows his fit body shape, Sebastian also announced that the tickets of the Bristol Tennesse concert are about to sold-out and over %80 of the tickets are gone.

Here is what Sebastian wrote:

“With Special Guests @stitchedupheart this show is going to kick ass! At a beautiful venue no less! See you at the show! This picture was taken at the last gig we did in Florida on the last tour #skidrow30!

All I can tell you is rock n’ roll x yoga ÷ running + veggie burgers = RESULTS! Even for an old dude like me! Not letting it go either!#theatre #BachonTour #skidrow31 #slavetothegrind 📷 @markhoranpictures”

A user named horviculture_tech commented on the post:

“Those pipes are from unloading all the illegal cigarettes from the Swayze Express 🚂🐝”

Another Sebastian Bach fan named dylan.villain wrote this:

“Ehhh! Big daddy Baz in the building! 💪🏻💪🏻”

A user named juanmaskidrow asked this:

“@sebastianbach Sebastian when can we see you again in Spain, even at a festival?”

Sebastian Bach responded:

“@juanmaskidrow played One Last Summer hopefully again soon”

Check out the photo right below.