A fan named Destinee Crystal-brown has shared Adam Levine’s recent statement about current state of rock music.

She tagged Sebastian Bach on Twitter and wrote:

“Baz, Adam Levine left this comment on my instagram post in December because I called him a sellout for saying rock is dead. Thought you would enjoy.. he is pathetic.”

Here’s Adam Levine’s comment:

“… Hip-hop IS the new rock and roll. Travis Scott IS the new punk rock. But you’re just a punk. I didn’t get to where I was by having a narrow view of musics broad and sophisticated landscape.

So spare me the “rock and roll will never die” shit. Just makes you sound like a dinosaur bro. Rock on.”

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Sebastian Bach mentioned about Maroon 5’s live performance at Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday and wrote:

“Whatever he was trying to do on stage tonight is way more dead than Rock will ever be.”

You can see the tweet below.