Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach criticized the ignorant musicians and bands during a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock.

In the conversation, Sebastian talked about the musicians who curse at the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, during their shows just to get the crowd excited and roasted them for being ignorant. While slamming those musicians by calling them ignorant, he also pointed out that Joe is ‘an old man’ who has only good intentions for the country, trying hard to get everybody back to normal.

Furthermore, the frontman mentioned that he never speaks about Donald Trump anymore since Joe Biden was elected. Bach said that he used to actively criticize the former President on social media but has stopped doing that since the election because that’s not the type of person he is.

Sebastian then mentioned that the best way to deal with such people is to hit them with the math because it proves that they’re wrong. However, that’s also when they get frustrated because they believe ‘you’re crossing a line.’

Sebastian Bach talked about the musicians who roast Joe Biden in the interview:

“I just think for any meathead, ignorant musician that wants to get their crowd chanting, ‘Fuck Joe Biden,’ okay, anybody who wants to do that, I can say, ‘Fuck you and your band, and fuck the guy that came before Joe Biden,’ I don’t need to speak about anymore.

Joe Biden is an old man who has nothing but good intentions for the country, and there’s nothing to not like about him.

He’s trying his hardest to get us back to normal, instead of the shit show that took away rock ‘n’ roll from us in 2020, and our kids’ school, and everything that we know about America. Joe Biden has made America great again, and he’s constantly under attack for no reason.”

He continued:

“As soon as Joe Biden was elected President, I never mentioned the other guy ever again. If you look at my Twitter, I flicked the switch. I go, ‘I’m fucking done with that shit.’ Because that’s not who I am.

I’m not out to be having political headlines with my face next to them all the time. But when you hit with hardcore shit like ‘two plus two equals four,’ those are fighting words to some people. If you hit ’em with shit like math, look out — you’re crossing a line, man.”

Later in the conversation, Sebastian Bach also talked about his use of social media and revealed that he is actually trying to promote his music career, which works for him most of the time.