Former vocalist of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach, has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and slammed the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, after the careless act in the White House.

As you might already notice, people are trying to protect themselves from the coronavirus outbreak with self-isolating themselves and following the social distancing rules.

Donald Trump has shared a photo with his cabinet from the White House, and they were so close to each other even with the coronavirus danger. After seeing this, Sebastian Bach replied to this tweet and stated that they should have an example for the rest of the nation and be six feet away from each other.

Here is what Donald Trump wrote:

“We are marshalling the full power of government and society to achieve victory over the virus. Together, we will endure, we will prevail, and we will win!”

Sebastian Bach replied:

“Can you all please keep six feet apart from each other? To set an example for the rest of the nation? Did you not get the memo?”

A fan named Cooper said:

“I absolutely agreed with this, and I’m not on anyone’s team so please don’t put me there whoever sees. I respect my Commander in Chief no matter.”

Another fan named Stephen Rader replied:

“So easy to run the country during one the most trying times in our history from your couch.”

You can check his tweet below.