Skid Row’s legendary former singer Sebastian Bach reacted to recent reports that Justin Bieber is releasing his long-awaited fifth album soon.

On Twitter, Sebastian Bach retweeted a report from Entertainment Weekly and wrote a simple reaction to the news that Justin Bieber is about to release his new solo album.

Sebastian showed off his reaction with a simple message which is:

“Black Sabbath.”

Check out the tweet below.

Yesterday, Bach made a little question and answer session on Twitter and in the middle of a conversation, he revealed his thoughts about playing in Quebec City. Here’s what he said:

“Quebec City does not mess around! Last year we played with Neil Young and it was possibly the craziest crowd of the whole tour! You guys are going to love it Quebec City Kicks total ass #bachontour #skidrow31 also quite possibly the most beautiful Old Town in North America”

He also revealed another untold story about his live performance with Rush at Mem Center and said:

I remember being on the playground at Queen Mary school looking at the Peterborough Examiner ad for The Rush show near Xmas time at Mem Center. Me and my friends were all set to go. But then they canceled. Thought I might be dreaming this until confirmed in this book

You can reach the tweets below.