Famous rock music veteran and former Skid Row icon, Sebastian Bach responded to one of Lady Gaga’s latest tweets and had a Twitter beef with famous American pop star.

Everything started with Gaga’s tweet:

“Fame is prison.”

Sebastian Bach responded to that tweet:

“If you let it be.”

In case the conversation didn’t go any further, lots of Twitter users commented about that conversation.

A user named Debra Mott wrote this:

“Yes, and if you are quiet about things, you can take a day off and then drive us nuts about having been in town. My friend Dee nearly hurt herself rolling her eyes at me about Skid Row vacationing in Roanoke for a day.”

Another user, Scott Kerfien said:

“It also affords one to do stuff that most non famous people will never have be able to do. It is a give/take. And sir, you are right, it is all about perspective.”

You can see the tweets below.