Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach has shared a post about Donald Trump, who is the president of the United States right now, via his official Twitter account.

David Pakman, who is the creator of his self-titled political television program, shared the ‘South Carolina Democratic Primary Preference’ and asked why famous politician Tom Steyer got only %15 of the votes.

After that, Sebastian Bach criticized the government and said that Tom Steyer is one of the people that care about the planet and that is why people are foreign to him.

Here is what David Pakman said:

“How does Tom Steyer have 15%?”

Sebastian Bach replied:

“Because @TomSteyer cares about the planet Earth that we’re going to leave for our children. An unbelievably foreign concept to the present administration and its supporters”

After a moment, a Twitter user named Veronica replied to Sebastian Bach and said that every administration allows the people to pollute the world, and they are corrupting every piece of the country.

As a result of this tweet, Sebastian Bach couldn’t be silent and smashed the Donald Trump. He stated that Donald Trump doesn’t care about climate change, science and even for the planet.

Here is what Veronica said to Sebastian Bach:

“Every administration allows our planet (& us) to be polluted. Look at the GMO issue. Vaccine issue. Wireless tech issue. Glyphosate issue. It isn’t only one administration allowing the earth to be poisoned. It is all of them. America=Corporatocracy!”

Sebastian Bach replied to her:

“This President doesn’t believe in climate change. The only leader in the whole planet that does not believe in science or mathematics. And you back this? Do you not believe in science or math? Those of us that have children can’t afford to think like you do”

You can check the tweets below.