Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach responded to a tweet posted by Billboard about famous rapper Kanye West‘s statements regarding this year’s best Halloween costume and claimed nobody cared about Kanye’s opinions on anything.

As you may know, Sebastian Bach, who is the former lead singer of Skid Row and currently working on his solo career, often takes his social media accounts to express his personal opinions on various social and political matters.

Recently, the official Twitter account of Billboard shared an article about the famous rap musician and presidential candidate Kanye West. In his latest tweet, West posted a photo of another well-known musician The Weeknd, who dressed up as Eddie Murphy’s Professor Sherman Klump from the 1996 comedy film, ‘The Nutty Professor.’ Kanye claimed that The Weeknd’s costume was the best Halloween costume of 2020.

As a response to the Billboard article, Sebastian Bach posted a tweet stating nobody actually cared about Kanye West’s opinions on anything and called the rapper ‘stupid asshole.’

Here’s what Sebastian Bach asserted about Kanye West:

“Nobody in the world gives a flying fuck about this stupid asshole Kanye West.

You can see the tweet Sebastian Bach posted on his Twitter account below.