Legendary vocalist Sebastian Bach spoke in an interview by Let There Be Talk and explained his thoughts about rock and metal news sites. According to him, such sites are constantly writing news on the same people, like Lars Ulrich, Corey Tayler and Vinnie Vincent.

Here’s the statement:

I like Blabbermouth, but as years go on, I realize what they really like to do is start fights. That’s what they love! But it’s not what music’s about! You didn’t hear, ‘Jimi Hendrix fuckin’ whooped Eric Clapton’s ass the other day!’ Where did you fuckin’ hear that shit? [Laughs]

But my favorite – because, they had me in quarrels with musicians – nothing ever topped the headline: ‘Bach Slams ‘Pussy’ Sweet.’ [Michael Sweet, Stryper frontman] That was the best headline. Say it again! ‘Bach Slams ‘Pussy’ Sweet.’ Fuckin’ right he does! Every fuckin’ night. [Laughing his ass off] I mean, there’s a good headline.

They only cover, like, five bands! Corey Taylor, Vinnie Vincent once in a while [laughs]… and Lars. They’re always riding Lars’ ass. Lars, Lars, Lars... And then they’ll get Phil Anselmo…

They have this whole thing with the comment section, which is pure fuckin’ misery. So sometimes, you know, I’ll go in there and I’ll just turn it into a shitshow. No, [not under a secret name]! Under my name! With the checkmark and everything.

Like, ‘Meet me at fuckin’ Chick-fil-A at fuckin’ 2:30 PM, Sunset Boulevard!’ [Laughs] I mean, here is the medium! What do you do with this? You can just read this shit? How’s about if I fuckin’ responded to shit…”

You can listen the entire interview from here.