Skidrow’s former star and a really important figure of our community, Sebastian Bach, has shared a new tweet to celebrate Guns N’ Roses’ legendary bass guitarist Duff McKagan’ 56th birthday.

In the post, Sebastian called Duff as the ‘King of Yoga’ and explained how his old-time buddy Duff McKagan changed his life completely.

Sebastian stated that his life habits are completely different after what he learned from Duff’s yoga sessions. He also did not forget mentioning his lovely wife, Suzanne Le Bach on the tweet.

Here is what Sebastian wrote:

“Happy Birthday to @DuffMcKaganthe former King of Beers who now is the King of Yoga! Thank u so much for turning me on 2 @CorePowerYoga #sculpt it has changed my life! I go pretty much every morning with @Suzanne_Le we r addicted! Happy Birthday to @deljamesgang have a great day!”

A fan named Medea Hecate replied:

“Love powercore!! Happy Birthday Duff!! 😘”

Another fan named Jim Scott said:

“Happy Birthday, Duff! And Bas, you’re still the best singer to come out of the 80s bro. 🤘😁🤘”

You can check his tweet below.