The iconic frontman of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach, has called out KISS legends Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons on Twitter and revealed the product that they want from the band.

In the post, Sebastian stated that the community begs for spending money during the coronavirus outbreak for the KISS masks, which are four masks that have identical prints with the makeup of the members.

Sebastian wrote that Gene and Paul should give what the people wanted, and the members of the band should immediately start to look for a brand that could produce these masks.

Here is what Sebastian Bach said earlier:

“Somebody please invent these now.”

He added:

“Yo Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, KISS, what are you guys waiting for? Give the people what they want we want this we want to KISS where do we all send our $?”

A fan named Shea Anderson wrote:

“I would buy that…”

You can read the tweets below.