Skid Row’s former lead vocalist, Sebastian Bach, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and tried to answer the question of which one his favorite concert of KISS was, but it seems like he had some trouble coming up with an answer.

As you probably know, Sebastian Bach is a big KISS fan which shouldn’t be surprising as he grew up listening to the iconic band and they really influenced his career in music. When his house in New Jersey got damaged by Hurricane Irene in 2011 and was declared uninhabitable, one of Bach’s greatest fears was losing his KISS and Skid Row artifacts, which were eventually salvaged.

Being such a huge KISS fan, he follows numerous fan accounts dedicated to the iconic band on his social media accounts, and in his recent tweet, he responded to KISSopolis’s question considering the best KISS concert he’s been to. Bach tried to respond to this question but it seems like it was a tough one to answer as hes been to so many of them.

Sebastian Bach reposted that question and said that he’s stuck between two choices; either the first one that he went to in 1979 when he was 11 years old or the last one he attended in 2020. Then, it seems like he gave it some more thought as he said that they were both great, just like all the other ones that he’s been to.

Here’s what KISSopolis asked:

“What’s the best KISS concert you have ever been to?”

Here’s what Sebastian Bach said in his recent tweet:

“Either the first one I went to in 1979 or the last one I went to in 2020 or maybe one of the ones in between.”

You can check out his tweet below.