Skid Row’s former lead vocalist, Sebastian Bach, recently posted a photo of some demo CDs on his Instagram account and announced that after a year of being off the road he’s now ready to get back on stage and give his fans what they have been waiting for.

As you know, Bach achieved mainstream fame after joining Skid Row in 1987 and he has been working on his solo career since 1996. Recently, he had made it to our headlines with his big announcement considering a Skid Row reunion concert in celebration of the 30th anniversary of ‘Slave To Grind‘ which is known to be their most well-known album.

However, today he has made it to our news with his recent solo album announcement. As it turns out, spending a year off the road and the stages gave him some time to ‘tinker around in the studio.’ After spending enough time in the studio, he managed to create 14 brand new songs to release a new album.

In the caption of his recent post, Sebastian Bach said that the stack of his demo CDs were sent to his ‘new record label, management, and producers because its time to make a new album now.’ He went on to thank everyone who helped him during the process of the creation of his new album and said that it is ‘time to turn this into the greatest album of all time.’

Here’s what Sebastian Bach said in the caption of his Instagram account:

New Music Update! Well, it’s an exciting day! 2020 was completely miserable & now that all of that is over with, being off the road for a year has allowed us more than enough time to tinker around in the studio and somehow here we are it’s 2021 & there are 14 BRAND NEW SONGS to make an album from! Right here on this demo CD! A stack of these was sent out yesterday to my new record label, management, and producers because it’s time to make a new album now!

Thank you so much John5, Orianthi, Steve Stevens, Devin Bronson, Brent Woods, Bobby Jarzombek, Andy Sanesi, Jeremy Colson, Kevin Chown, Robert Crane, Eli Santana, and everybody that I’m forgetting to mention here 🙏I really appreciate all of your collaborations. Time to turn this into the greatest album of all time what do you say? Or at least that is what we will aim for!”

Click here to check out the photo that Sebastian Bach posted on his Instagram account.