Former Skid Row star and the famous Rock music veteran, Sebastian Bach posted a different tweet on his official Twitter account.

He has made a statement about his new account of Cameo and announced that he signed up with Cameo and is now available for his fans.

A fan named Lisa Blubaugh has shared a sincere photo of herself with Sebastian Bach and wrote a special comment on this post and she told what happened with Sebastian in the caravan. Sebastian Bach was liked her tattoos.

Here’s the tweet of Sebastian:

“Hey, mother truckers! I am stoked to inform you all that I have signed up with Cameo and am now available for personalized video whatever you want!

Let’s have some fun it’s kinda like a digital meet + greet! That you can keep! It’s neat!.”

Lisa Blubaugh commented and said that:

“Definitely adding this to my Christmas wish list!! Meeting you in Dubuque was beyond amazing. Glad you liked my tattoo.”

You can see the tweet and comment right below.