The former fronting member of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach’s lovely wife, Suzanne Le Bach shared a new tweet on her verified Twitter account and revealed the details of how did she spent time with her beloved husband, after coming back from his 10-week tour.

Suzanne Le Bach stated that they started the night off by visiting their friend’s art collection.

Here is what Suzanne Le Bach wrote:

“Suzanne Le Bach@Suzanne_LeOur first date night, since @sebastianbachhas been back 5 days ago from his 10-week tour.

We started the night off going to support our friend Billy Morrison’s new art collection”

Sebastian Bach responded and wrote this:

“Sitting around on the couch with @Suzanne_Lewatching @Stranger_Things is date night to me♥️💋♥️cya tonight💘”

You can see these tweets below.