Sepultura’s Derrick Green talked about his opinions and expressed his feelings on live shows following the outbreak of Covid-19 in an interview with El Cuartel Del Metal.

Although all the musicians had to cancel their shows during the pandemic, many recalibrated themselves to other areas to stay connected to their fans. The Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura was among those bands that stayed connected with their fans by doing podcasts during the pandemic.

The musicians and the fans had a hard time adapting to the new normal, but after adjusting to a ‘stay at home’ life, it was hard for people to go back to crowded places and enjoy social gatherings. In his interview, Derrick Green stated that people were looking forward to live shows for a very long time, and when they started happening, he realized that they are overcrowded, which made him slightly anxious.

Here is what he said:

“Well, it’s already coming back pretty quickly. I think people are very anxious about live shows. I just watched Lollapalooza live, which was taking place in Chicago, and it was a very crowded show, and I just hope everyone was as safe as possible.”

Green stated that although everyone has a different point of view for the pandemic, those who lost someone to Covid have been affected differently. Some people were lucky enough to be in a country where they could get vaccinated, which is still not possible everywhere. Derrick mentioned that he hopes everyone in the world is staying safe, especially now that live shows are back.

He expressed his feelings by saying:

“It’s difficult times. It’s difficult to be that band that’s going to be the first to play after a pandemic or when a pandemic is still kind of going on. And depending on where you are, people are looking at it in different ways. People are feeling the pandemic differently as well. Some people have had family members that have passed away or died because of it. Other people haven’t been affected in that way and see it in a completely different light.

There are people in different countries who can get the vaccine and other places where they aren’t at all. And so, depending on your view or where you’re located has a lot to do with it. And I just hope that everyone is responsible and safe so that we’re able to have full-capacity shows and shows where people aren’t stressed out about getting sick.”

You can watch the full interview below.