Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser recently opened up about the possibility of touring with musicians they collaborated with on the band’s latest album, ‘Quadra.’ Apparently, they are open to performing with the artists as it would be easier now that they have songs with them.

‘Quadra’ is the fifteenth studio album by Sepultura, released on February 7, 2020. It is a concept album based on numerology, which is why the band divided the 12-track album into four sections of three songs each, and every section represents an era of the band.

Their method seemed to work as the record became the band’s most successful one since 1998’s ‘Against,’ charting in 17 countries and entering the top 20 in seven countries. It is also their most successful album in Germany and Switzerland to this date, exceeding the chart positions of the 1996 album entitled ‘Roots.’

In addition to its intriguing concept and chart success, Sepultura also collaborated with numerous musicians on the album. They worked with another Brazilian rock band named Far from Alaska for the album’s last track, ‘Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering.’

The list of their collaborators also includes other artists such as Emmily Barreto, Robertinho Rodrigues, Bruna Zneti, and more. During a recent appearance on Montreal Rocks, Andreas Kisser was asked about performing with the musicians they worked with on the album.

According to the guitarist, Sepultura now has an opportunity to do that since they have an entire album on which they worked with numerous musicians. They don’t have a problem with finding a song that their collaborator will know since the album has that covered for them.

Although he was only talking about guest appearances while touring, Andreas Kisser expressed the possibility of even scheduling a tour featuring many guests they want to hit the road with, and the band members would definitely be up to the suggestion.

When asked about having a tour with collaborators, Kisser said

“Oh yeah, anytime. Now, we have an alibi to do that. We have the album; everybody is there. You know, we have a song already chosen, which is the hardest thing when we find friends backstage, they need to know the song. The jamming has to be legit. The jamming has to be cool so that people can enjoy that, not just noises around.

Now we have a song, and we have a setlist and a lot of friends that got involved throughout the year that we did with the album. So yeah, anytime we have the chance, we will do that. It’ll be even good to do a tour. We can call as many guests that we can to be with us on the road.”

You can watch the entire interview below.